8 Amazing Ways to Use a Whole Body Vibration Platform

Low impact whole body vibration platform.

Using a whole body vibration platform is a great way to exercise. However, many people have different circumstances. There are quite a few situations to use whole body vibration platforms as an easy and effective way to get some exercise and to improve your health. These vibration plates can be used even when you have a busy schedule.

Many people find it very challenging to schedule in the exercise that they want on a daily basis. It may be hard because of time or location. It can be a great challenge for some to meet their fitness goals. Using a whole body vibration platform is a great way to get some exercise, even when you only have just a few minutes.


So do you have one of the situations to use a whole body vibration platform? You may if you fit into one of the following categories.

1. People that Want to Enjoy and Have Fun Exercising

Many people find exercising boring and they could even call it drudgery. Some people have to force themselves to get in some exercise on a daily basis. That’s really too bad because exercise is so beneficial for us mentally and physically.

If you find exercise boring then using a whole body vibration platform may be just the answer. It’s very easy and you can work at your own pace. You can even use a vibration machine while you’re watching television or listening to music.

Most people that start using a whole body vibration platform actually look forward to it and think it’s actually fun. Exercise is no longer looked at as a chore to get done.

2. All Those with Little Time for Workouts

For many people the problem of getting enough exercise in each day is simply a matter of time. Many have such busy lives that it’s difficult to find extra time for exercising or working out. It is usually even more challenging to go to a gym or fitness center because of all of the extra time that it takes to get dressed and commute. That’s why using whole body vibration platforms is the answer. You can even get a short workout in just 10 minutes.

Many find it they can cut their exercise time almost in half. Some manufacturers of whole body vibration platforms claim that you can save even more time. Regardless of the exact time that you might save, there is no question that you will get an intense workout and make use of every available minute.

If your goal is to become stronger and fitter a whole body vibration platform might be just what you need. It’s a fast way to get a workout early in the morning or even at the end of the day. It is a way to get some exercise in without spending too much time being taken away from other important things.

3. People that Prefer Working Out in Their Home

It is true that there are some commercial whole body vibration platforms that you’ll find in your local gym. Some of these cost thousands of dollars. The average person does not need one of these very expensive machines. Those are designed to be used continuously throughout the day by many many people.

Whole body vibration platform in the home.

You can find a good quality whole body vibration platform that will be perfect for your fitness routine and that will fit right in your home. Some of them are very lightweight and can even be put under a bed or in a closet. Others even take up less space than a treadmill. If you have one in your own home then you can use it whenever you like.

It’s so much easier when you don’t have to get in a car and drive down to a fitness center just to work out for a short while. Having a whole body vibration platform in your own home makes getting your exercise in much more convenient.

4. Those that Need Variety in Their Fitness Regimes

Many people get very bored with their exercise routines. Whether it might be running or calisthenics or lifting weights any of those types of exercises can become so routine that they actually turn into drudgery. Having a whole body vibration platform is an easy way to get some variety in your workouts.

Whole body vibration platforms offer a flexible and very versatile way to lose weight and get fit while not getting bored and giving up. Many people that get bored with their exercise routines end up quitting and never starting again. There are people that have continuously used their vibration machines for years without stopping.

With a whole body vibration platform, you can just stand on it if you want. If you want a more intense workout you can do lunges, squats, planks, push-ups and all sorts of other exercises just to add variety and additional benefits to your fitness goals.

5. People Looking for Quick Results

Many people get very discouraged when they try to exercise and after weeks and months they don’t see any noticeable benefits. It’s important to stay goal oriented and feeling inspired so that you can keep up your exercise. Having a whole body vibration machine is a great way to quickly start seeing results.

Some people start seeing positive results within days or weeks of starting to use a whole body vibration machine. You might quickly start to feel stronger, have more energy and feel leaner right away.

Whether your goal is to get toned, feel stronger, or to lose weight, using the vibrating plates will help with all these situations. You will be able to feel your health improving if you are consistent in using one of these machines.

6. Anyone that Wants a Full-Body Workout

There is a reason that these are called whole body vibration plates. Using these in the right way allows you to exercise all parts of your body. It is never a good idea to just exercise one single part of the body continuously. It is better to exercise various parts of the body equally. Whole body vibration machines help you to do this so that you have a ful-body workout and so that you can see results from head to toe.

It helps a great deal that the vibration machines are actually helping you to get to work out. Using these machines to the fullest means there is very little risk that you will accidentally forget one area of your body to exercise.

7. People that Want Stronger Bones and Increased Strength

As we age it’s very challenging to get stronger bones and to tone our muscles. If this is a priority for you then the whole body vibration machine can help a great deal. Using one of these machines will help you to feel stronger and to look much more toned. It is a great way to help you gain upper and lower body strength. It is also a wonderful way to help with your balance if that is becoming an issue for you.

“Whole-body vibration (WBV) increases the level of growth hormone and testosterone in serum, preventing sarcopenia and osteoporosis. Vibration exercise also increases muscle strength and neuromuscular coordination, which in the case of patients with osteoporosis can reduce the risk of falls resulting in broken bones.” – Whole-body vibration exercise in postmenopausal osteoporosis

To gain upper body strength you can always do push-ups or dips on a vibration plate. The vibration will increase the benefits of doing these exercises and you will benefit by gaining strength.

8. Those that Need Injury Recovery

Many physical therapists recommend and treat injury recovery patients with whole body vibration machines.  Not all types of injuries of course, but there are some which heal  and improve much faster when using a vibration plate. (Always check with a medical professional first before starting this kind of therapy.)  Whole body vibration machines can help ease pain and improve range of motion.

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Summary: In review, there are numerous situations to use whole body vibration machines regularly. After doing some research you will be able to find the right WBV plate for your circumstances and budget.

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