Why Choose WBV Machines with Higher G-force?

Learn why to choose WBV machines with higher g-force from an expert in the field. The best whole body vibration machines have higher g-forces and higher frequencies. This video also tells you how different users such as the elderly, beginners and athletes should set the g-force.

In a whole Body Vibration Machine

  • What does frequency mean in a whole body vibration machine?
  • What does amplitude mean in a whole body vibration machine?
  • What does g-force mean in a whole body vibration machine?

Enjoy this video for one of the best explanations of these terms including some helpful graphics.

[Transcript]  Whole body vibration is a unique form of resistance exercise that can help you build a stronger leaner healthier body.  It’s very different to traditional cardiovascular exercise equipment which is designed to get your heart rate up.  If you walked into a gym you’re going to find resistance equipment such as free weights and the squat racks.  You’ll also find cardiovascular equipment such as treadmills ellipticals and rowing machines.

A vibration machine belongs with the resistance equipment.  To help you understand its effects there are some similarities we can draw upon when looking at a treadmill.  Consider your using a treadmill there are two settings you can adjust that determine the intensity.  One, how fast the treadmills running measured in miles or kilometers per hour.  Two, the incline of the treadmill.  Measured in degrees the intensity of a treadmill is measured by your heart rate.  If you increase either the speed or the incline of the treadmill your heart rate is going to increase.

Choose a WBV Machine with a Higher G-Force

Whole body vibration also has two settings that you can adjust that determine the intensity.  One, the frequency or how many times per second the platform is vibrating measured in Hertz.  Two, the amplitude or how far up and down the platforms traveling measured in millimeters.  The intensity of a vibration machine is measured in acceleration or g-force.  If you increase either the frequency or the amplitude of the vibration machine the g-force is going to increase.

Research has shown increasing the g-force on a vibration machine can be directly compared to increasing the weight on a barbell in a loaded squat.  The world’s most scientifically proven machines have been measured to produce 10 G’s or higher, whilst cheaper home machines have shown to produce 2 G’s or less.

That’s a real problem because scientists have found that using less than 2 G’s may have no effect at all.  According to a study using machine that looked like this, researchers found that the machine made no difference to the results.  Doing exercises on the floor gave the same results as doing exercises on the machine.  Benefits such as weight loss, muscle strength and bone density have been shown to increase with higher g-forces.  Safe and highly effective results have come from up to 10 G’s in elderly subjects, up to 16 G’s in middle-aged subjects, and up to 20 G’s in athletes.

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