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XG5 Pro Whole Body Vibration Trainer Machine Video

One of the best fitness investments you can make it the XG5 Pro Whole Body Vibration Trainer Machine from DKN Technology.  This is a remarkable WBV machine that can be used at home but is also used in fitness facilities around the country.  The following video shows quite a few simple exercises to strengthen and tone the body.

[Transcription]You know a little bit about the machines.  Time to take it through a workout.  We’re going to do a circuit workout.  We’re going to utilize the xg5pro whole body vibration trainer as well as some objects that you might be familiar with, some medicine balls, a mat, towel, I want you to have some water close by if you’re going to be working out with me and a stability ball.  We’re going to use all these objects.

Circuit Training with the XG5 Pro Whole Body Vibration Trainer

Now what I want to do is warm up the body first.  The best way to do it is to start with my legs and again on top of the plate I’m going to start the plate.  Put it at 45 frequency for a minute now.  What I’m doing is I’m driving straight down through the feet.  And if you notice my body position I’m not way back here with my shoulders and keeping my chest and shoulders over the center of my body and weighted down where to put as much weight as I possibly can on the feet.  Now as you’re pushing down I want you to gently push down and slightly out at the same time you’re trying to tear the plate in half.

In that process you’re creating a firm wall of contraction that comes up on the outside of the thighs.  You’ll feel it all the way through your glutes as you’re pressing down pressing outwards lock the buns at the same time.  Okay hold it right there.  Now when you’re doing this you want to breathe because like any other exercise because we’re using these muscles 45 times per second they need oxygen, so you want to breathe deep the entire time you’re exercising do not hold your breath.

Okay now I want you to watch my feet and add a little time on here now all I’m doing is taking one foot across the body and putting it behind the opposite foot this front foot I’m putting all my weight right into that heel.  So as I come across all the weight and going to this hip.  We do one more time and then change sides good.  Right after this exercise we’re going to go to do a functional movement.

It’s going to utilize what we just worked.  You really feel it pick up as you come across the leg good.  I want you to stay on the plate until it’s completely stopped let that wave go through your body.  Then we’re going to get on top here put my foot on the step and I’m going to lift pressing straight down.  Now we step up and when I do this step up let me show you from the other angle, so you can see it.  I’m putting the weight through my heel on top and that is making the muscles in the hamstring and the butt all fire and the ones that I was just working and warming up on the plate do just two more like this one more time.

I’m going to turn around and show you the other side to some lifting and watch me like that comes in front pulling that foot out in front not underneath me.  I want it to be really heavy so when I bring the leg out in front it makes this part of my hamstring and glute really work to support my body.

I’ve got a couple more one more and I’m going right back to the plate but I’m going to go right to the upper body to get the blood flow going up there.  Now if you do pushups all the time you might want to do it on your toes, if you don’t it’s okay to come down to your knees.  If you’re going to come down to the plate letting your arms come out to the sides not be hold you out to the side and push up the whole time.

If you look at my hands I’m holding firm on the plate.  The more surface area of your hands that are pressed into the plate the better because you’re gonna get more reaction from those muscles.  Now I’m going to stay down here about halfway.  Now if you come right in you can see the muscles actually contracting holding position forty-five times per second.

DKN XG-05 Pro WBV Machine Video

To stay in this one position my muscles are having to contract eccentrically in concentrically later shortening and lengthening shortening and lengthening the rate that I could even create myself, but the plate is allowing me to do it.  Okay almost there you go back into push-up mode now all the way up all the way down bring a full range of motion.  Okay almost done and every time you hear this countdown that means you’re at the end of that cycle hold it here perfect.

Now right away to use that same muscle group again I’m going to take this elastic tube I have it anchored right out of the machine itself and I’m going to come across the body as I’m coming across the body I’m working my pecs I’m working my biceps and I’m working the core so I’m working the entire body as well as working the upper body just like I did on the plate I got one more to go like this here we go now with both hands I’m going to press across the body working more specifically in the waistline we’re going to go right from this exercise to a waistline exercise on the device itself we do a couple more one more excellent.

Now I’m not going to do the other side because you know what that looks like but I’m gonna get right back on the top.  Here going into a side plank. Okay this would be my position.  We start the machine now.  For the side plank I want you to stay nice and tall through your waist just see I think one straight line it’s a nice diagonal line.  You don’t want to be down here and my elbow is specifically anchored right beneath my shoulder.  So if you see the alignment it’s perfect.  If I was out here that’d be too far away.  If it was under here it’s too close it puts so much pressure into the shoulder so I’m nice and even all my weight from my fingertip to my elbow is pressed through the device and I’m holding up tall.

I have to make it harder if you roll under reaching behind you and then come right back up you’re increasing that work through the body.  But as you’re doing this you want to make sure that you don’t dip through the waistline got it okay.  Let’s do one more excellent.  I’m gonna hold it right here.  I can make this harder too I make it only on one leg it really increases the resistance underneath here to make me have to help with all those internal external oblique muscles, almost done, excellent.

I’m going to come down to the ground immediately grab my stability ball.  Now we worked my waistline and obviously I would have done the other side but I don’t want to do both sides so we fit as much in as we can.  Gonna come down to the ball.  I bring myself on to it middle and twist as I’m twisting I’m working the same exact muscle group in a different firing sequence than I did when I was on the whole body vibration machine so I’m maximizing the effect and contraction of the muscles I just worked.

Because they’re already been active the muscle memory you may have heard that term before it kicks in immediately.  The biggest amount of reaction you’re going to get from the muscles will be immediately after you get off the plate.  So you want to try and use exercises that mimic the movements that you just worked.  We’ve got two more and one more.

Now it’s time to go back to the legs.  And to get this back here get in on top.  Going to set the timer up and go into a single leg movement.  We’re gonna be hanging back but as I’m hanging back I’m pulsing pushing down to the heels.  Watch as I’m going down.  This knee is not going forward it’s not pushing frontward is pushing down and back.  So I’m reaching with the hip adding weight adding weight down good.  I’m going to just do one more and then switch legs.  Stay nice and low and we’re going to do two exercises for this one.

We’re going to stretch out the hamstring and the glute maximizing the contraction in those areas and then I’m going to relax the hamstrings and relax and loosen up the lower back all in the same cycle.  One more time I’m going to get on top of the plate going parallel to the plate going to bend my knees slightly and come straight down just like this.

Maybe if I can show you from the side you’re going to see that my body is going straight down to the ground I’m not leaning over and weighing to the toes.  All my weight is flat to the feet.  And to make it a little more intense I can stretch out the legs a little bit.  Gets more into the hamstring if I bend the legs a little bit it goes more into the lower back.

So, I’m working essentially the lower body and the mid part of the body to relax it loosen it up because next we’re going to go to an ab movement almost done another 12 seconds and again I can straighten the legs a little bit to get more hamstring bend them get a little more lower back straighten and bend excellent.

Okay abs and legs.  Let’s combine a movement going to take this medicine ball I’m going to take it bring it to my hip and I’m going to swing around.  Let’s drop into this movement now show you from the side I’m using the same muscles that we just worked on top of the plate but I’m also now incorporating a rotation from my core so I’m recirculating the blood I’m utilizing all the muscles we just worked and maximizing my caloric expenditure.

Okay I’m gonna change sides now other side one two two nice and all I’m doing is keeping that heart rate up your heart rate does go up slightly when you’re using whole body vibration training but these circuit workouts with the movements in between really bring that heart rate up okay that was the last one excellent.

Kept coming down now back to a plank.  We get this out of the way.  This time I plant some body both arms and I’m going to alternate lifting one leg at a time squeezing the glutes.  Let me go ahead and start now.  Watch as I’m tucked tight at the hips and I lift just enough to activate the glute muscles.  As I lifted a leg I’m focusing on pressing downward through the arms.  It’s an even press from my wrist to my elbows keep in the abs tuck tight nice and tight good.  I want you to do more one more man to hold it right here this is a hard one.

Then we’re going to put our feet a little bit wider lift one arm lift the other as you do this you want your stomach totally engaged.  Your abs engaged hips tucked one more each side awesome.  Moving here rocking the buns rocking the stomach eight seconds left can really feel the heat – starting to build up starting to get a good sweat going excellent good and I’m going to come up now.

I don’t know if you like to jump rope I love jumping rope but I’m indoors so I can’t use a regular jump rope so I’ve got this special speed rope for myself.  So in between you know quick set of jumping rope so if you can’t jump rope in your apartment because you have well maybe not a good jump or you don’t have a place that you can do it these are great because you won’t hear it on the floor you don’t miss a skip.

I can do all sorts of tricky maneuvers and I never miss it’s no problem.  Makes me look like I’m a pro well a magic trick.  Try it there’s gonna last for about 30 seconds to a minute.  If you want to make it harder you can alternate legs squeezing the stomach.  For me to focus on my shoulders bring a little bit wider chest up nice and tall.  You can hear my voice I’m breathing a little heavy my heart rates up that’s the goal of a circuit workout keep your heart rate up as much as you can burn a lot of calories make a lot of muscle get a lot accomplished.  Okay now a couple seconds here three two and one alright.

Putting this back down now what I want to do is I want to work the legs a little differently.  Going to get back up here.  This is a squat but this is what I call a repeater squat where I put all my weight in my left foot and my glutes are pushed far back.  Now I’m just lifting this foot lifting this foot as I lift it all of the weight shifts to my left leg forcing more contraction forcing more contraction you really feel this one.  I’m going to change legs now the same thing you can see as I lift up I’m keeping that foot almost flat like a duck foot.  I’m not lifting and pointing the toe it’s just literally unloading the weight and reloading the weight.

As I reload the weight I even push my hips further back so maximizing the hamstring and glute involvement good little change again coming one two just switching from side to side to focus on the outer hip.  Just do a few of these then when I come to the center now watch this foot I’m going to turn it both knees are bent pushing firmly down but I don’t straighten out the legs I keep them bent and I’m really working deep into the inside of the calf feels great.  Come to switch sides maximizing the contraction throughout the entire leg we’re almost at the end here good.

Now to use the legs I’m going to do a lunch use a lighter ball.  I’m going to come towards you.  I’m going to start with the ball on one hip lunge forward and come back notice as I go down let me show you from this angle that all the weight stays evenly over my ankle.  I’m not putting pressure forward.  So I really want to maximize the larger parts of the muscles and the legs which are going to be better to burn calories and keep you safe.  The larger muscles being the hamstrings the glutes and the quadriceps.  If you go forward on your knee you’re putting all that pressure into your knee itself and working more through your shin it’s not good.

I’m going to change sides now down good almost there keeping the heart rate up one more time.  Excellent time for some dips going to go right to the arms got it on 45 for a minute, feet out in front.  Notice my feet hit my feet up so I can pivot easily I’m going straight down and straight up good.  As I go down right there there’s a sweet spot you can feel that’s the most amount of resistance if you want to stay there and hold it there few seconds.  Hold it as long as you can, breathing deep and then go back into action.  Taking a little bit of a pause will help to build up the resistance in that muscle.

Then going right back into motion will help you to create that flexibility and strength through the full range of motion better so you’re actually increasing strength and flexibility at the same time.  This is good a couple more and if I want to make it harder as you push up lift one foot off the ground just one just like that to make it even harder keep one foot off the ground.  I’ll show you this side boy it’s burning it I can feel it awesome.  You want to wait until the vibrations completed its cycle.  It’s almost there good excellent.

Now that is a circuit workout with the DKN Technology xG5 Pro Vibration whole body vibration machine.  You saw very simple tools added to this workout but it is surrounded by the whole body vibration.  Without that you’re not getting as an efficient and effective workout and I’m not going to be sore tomorrow because the blood was circulating so efficiently that I just got stronger not weaker.  [End of transcription]